BioModel demonstrated new GLM in NaUKMA

eebiogoogle.jpgFebruary 4, 2010: BioModel demonstrated new GLM-report to students and scientists in NAUKMA (Kyiv) during a climate-change-round-table session. The presentation was titled as ‘GLM-scenarios of animal-plant-areal fluctuation by 2050 due to expected climate change (Ukraine, Western Europe)’ As it turned out, many students and scholars have heard about such GLM approaches for the first time despite the fact that we are conducting these studies since 2005.

The new rhetorical question from our side is: how much time our colleagues i.e. biologists and managers need to read modern contemporary sources on BioticGeoInformation Science, but not only their own articles?

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Though the question is rethorical, the answer I think is A LOT (unfortunately of course) . And it conserns more those well known scholars. They MUST have at least some idea about new trends in science. Lets forgive the students, they’re still learning

Спасибо вам за сайт, очень полезный ресурс, мне ВСЁ-ВСЁ-ВСЁ здесь очень нравится…

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