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Landscape Faces Modelling Using… Travel Scatches

There are ‘landscape faces’ modelling results with usage of… pencil and travel notebook. See travel sketches were made by the BioModel author – in Ukraine, Spain and Ecuador – with PicasaWeb Note. The outcome may be used as new supportive materials for ‘Annex 1. Works of Art and Other Means Useful for Imitation of Human Presence in Landscape Ecosystems’ of the issue ‘Prydatko V., Kolomytsev G., Burda R., Chumachenko S. Landscape ecology: textbook on application of pressure based biodiversity modelling for national and regional educational purposes. Part 1 and Part 2.– Kyiv: NAU, 2008. — 100 pp.’ See more details about the publication with BioModel or ULRMC.

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Climate change in Ukraine: species loss 13% or gain 4%?

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110th anniversary of National Ag University (Kyiv)

November 3-7, 2008: there is the International conference «Earth Bioresources: Social, Biological, Food and Energy Challenges» devoted to 110th anniversary of National Agricultural University of Ukraine. Detailed information –