Final MSA map is calculated

Final Mean Species Abundance map of the remaining biodiversity in Ukraine (2000): Mean MSA value – 32.4% (0,324407296).Revised methodology was applied (by GIS modular with combined LU classes application; Final map image looks very similar to Landuse MSA. Obviously landuse is the dominant pressure causing the biodiversity loss process.

Combined GLOBIO3 and 'land use' classes

Different GLOBIO3 land use classes combination was applied taking into account location of agrolandscapes in different ‘nature-ag-zone’. For instance agrolandscapes within ‘Polissya’ nature-ag-zone include several LCC i.e. ‘extensive agriculture’ and ‘agro-forestry’ in equal part approximately. Logically, for the ‘Steppe zone’ it is advisable to take into account (for the modelling) Read more…