Different GLOBIO3 land use classes combination was applied taking into account location of agrolandscapes in different ‘nature-ag-zone’. For instance agrolandscapes within ‘Polissya’ nature-ag-zone include several LCC i.e. ‘extensive agriculture’ and ‘agro-forestry’ in equal part approximately. Logically, for the ‘Steppe zone’ it is advisable to take into account (for the modelling) up to 80% of the ‘extensive ag’ and respectively 20% of the ‘intensive (irrigated) ag’. In the such way draft MSA for ‘Polissya zone’ equals to: (0,5×50%)+(0,3×50%)=40% (MSA = 0.4, or 40%), and for ‘Steppe zone’: (0,3×80%)+(0,05×20%)=25% (MSA = 0.25, or 25% respectively). In accordance with opinion of local experts this approache looks satisfactorily for Ukraine only. Finally, the approache can help with development of more detailed LU MSA-mosaic.


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