Something new about MSA index

Newly the publisher OlbiPlus (Ukraine) presentes monograph ‘Geoinformation Environmental Monitoring of Local Agroecosystems’ (Ridey N., Ghorbatenko A., Strokal V., Shofolov D. and Rybalko V.). Authors of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine¬† (NUBiP) proposed various of useful approaches among of which was also a generalized method for determining the index of species abundance of local biodiversity areas of agricultural landscapes based also MSA index. Inter alia it indicated loss of about 90% of the natural biodiversity of the study area due to intensive agriculture practice. Additional information about the book is available on the OldiPlyus web-page (ukr) i.e. at it ‘Environment’ section.¬† BioModel web-page visitors can look over other posts matched MSA using a supportive tags cloud…