urb_land_vpr09The All-Ukrainian scientifically-practical conference ‘Urban and Recreational Territories Ecology’ will be held in Odessa (Ukraine) on June 4-5th, 2009 under umbrella of Ministry for Environmental Protection of Ukraine, Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Odessa State Ecological University, Odessa Innovative-information Centre «ИНВАЦ» and others. BioModel will present to the conference new summary of the modelling ‘Expected Trends of Habitat Changes of Indicator Plant and Animal Species in the East Europe in a Context of Impact of Land-use and Climatic Changes till 2050’ (pdf – TBD). There is the forth BioModel’s target presentation on biodiversity modelling during 2008-2009 to conferences of national level. Photo by V.Prydatko: ‘A landscape, which never will be…’ (Kyiv, 2009)


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