firstday_dakar Summary of the Day 1: WWF Senegal WAMER: Data collection, analysis; a case-study for the Government. Wetlands International: RAMSAR convention, birds-and-poverty. PBL: MSA-and-modelling, BDs, MSA in use for ecological reporting, policy making process/debates. Kenya: Forestry, cutting, agriculture, trends, deforestation, land conversion, forestry quality; communities; water shade protection and forestry; snow of this year, crops, CC, people; protection of small-green-areas, the case of Nairobi National. Thailand: 1985, current GIS usage, forest types; rubber plantation (50% suit area, 0.5 mil ha); GLOBIO -3, Clue, IMAGE; waterbirds. Ukraine: the book on modelling experience as a curricular, MSA for students, education and science; MSA is not species richness but pristinness (desert’s case); Peru: Poverty, private property (land), BDs’ boundaries. Nikaragua: PBL – CCAD – CBD, Southern Mexico, Panama, involvement people/stakeholders, education; ‘Who is doing what in modelling?’


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