BioModel developed ‘relationship examples’ on land-coverage-changes and land-use–changes based on species’ habitat preference information from EcoProfiles, and that then was translated to LCC or LUC types (in scope of CLUE scenarios). The team translated 1:200.000 map and/or supportive RS-data to CLUE land-use or land-cover classes (to be related to that several RS-GIS LCC only i.e. ‘ag’, ‘forests’ (deciduous, coniferous, mixed; birch, beech, oak; >40% forest integrity), ‘edge of a forest’, ‘swamps’, ‘forest-with-swamps’,’watered pastures’, ‘steppe’, ‘steppe meadow’, ‘wetlands’, ‘settlements’ etc.) and that was used then for GLM and for comparative maps.


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