Forests Transformed into Agricultural Lands in 1980s Inside of present GLOBIO Ukraine Region [1]

Sources: Projection of Species- and Species-climate Based Models on to the GLOBIO Ukraine Region, and Scenarios Development [ULRMC # EM-07-503; /555050/01/МО]. Original forest map sources: i) Vegetation of European Part of the USSR: Analytical Maps I-IX (Attachments)/Vegetation of European Part of the USSR. S.P., Nauka, 1980.—429 pp, in Russian; ii) ArcMap (ESRI, 2005). The map has supported modelling of natural habitats of T.urogallus, L.tetrix, A.alces, F.lynx, F.sylvestris and other forest-dependent species of the region. GIS Map authors: V.Prydatko, G.Kolomytsev (ULRMC). Last update: July 7, 2008.


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