LCC – land coverage changes. The map demonstrates predicted (i.e. most visible) serious changes in freshwater and coastal ecosystem surface during 1928-2004 (inside of the 1928s-map-area [1] as important part of GLOBIO Ukraine Region. Dominating causes of changes include human impact and possibly climate.

Sources: 1) Map of the USSR European Part Vegetation, M1:4000000, was drawn up by Prof. J.Kuznetsov (1928) – Rus.; the map was granted by the Vernadsky National Library (Kyiv). Vectorization made by V.Prydatko, A.Ischuk, Y.Apetova, A.Kalynychenko (ULRMC); 2) MODIS, 2002193 [i.e. June 12, 2002]; 3) SPOT Vegetation, NDVI, August 1, 2004.


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