BioModel team reconstructed changes of natural habitats of Aquatic Warbler (Acrocephalus paludicola (Vieillot, 1817)) in GLOBIO Ukraine Region and outskirts. Aquatic Warbler is globally threatened species. BirdLife International (Ukraine) noted follows about natural habitats of the species: ‘…it breeds in lowland marsh habitats (mostly sedge fen mires) with water less than 10 cm deep.…; …the most important threats are loss of breeding habitat owing to drainage for agriculture and peat extraction, damming of floodplains, unfavorable water management and the canalization of rivers…’ – http://” . For the modeling BioModel team used: i) EEBIO #1 data search results and respective GIS, ii) GSF Index (n1970=5429; n2008=4229), iii) ULRMC data on watered meadows in Polissya Region based on newest remote sensing data (n=14076), iv) digital Ukraine data 1:500.000 on location of swamps (n=1991). Detailed animation story took into account also: i) information of the Red Data Book of Ukraine (1994), which referred to previous publications (Мензбир М. А., 1895; Сомов Н. Н., 1897; Птушенко Е. С., 1954; Клитин А. Н., 1959; Воїнственський А. М., Кістяківський О. Б., 1962;Страутман Ф. И., 1963; Иванов А. И., 1976; Афанасьев В. Т., Гаврись Г. Г., Клестов Н. Л., 1992), and personal submission (Бурчака-Абрамовича М. О., 1932; Воїнственського М. А., 1950; Орлова П. П., 1954; Жежеріна В. П., 1961, and О.Пекло (1994)). Resulted pre-GLM map of 2008s was supplemented with BirdLife International (Ukraine) web-data vision on nesting habitats location. Comparison of different maps has proved that BLIU vision as for 2008 was optimistic contrary to our GSF Index data – see the picture and pre-GLM movie – Main scenario included also: CLUE+’ location of A.paludicola habitats in 2008s was based on swamp shapes of the digital map of Ukraine 1:500,000 with buffers around of it about 500 m, and which were related to GSF Index. ‘CLUE+’ location of A.paludicola habitats in 2008s based on watered meadows of remote sensing data (Landsat) with buffers around of about 250 m, which were related to GSF Index.


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