Wild cat behavior in the Region reflected changes of wood-and-shrub habitats of mammals. In general occupies deciduous forests of the plains and lower hill regions, living mainly near natural clearings and in the peripheral zones of large forests. Critical and limiting factors could be the absence of old trees [15]. Some regionally sound habitat statistics have been observed partly by EEBIO team in 2006, and an observation map was published in EEBIO Searchable System http://www.ulrmc.org.ua/services/eebio/is/PDF/Felis_silvestris_F_chaus.pdf . The integrated map and movie shows: i) species habitats in GLOBIO Ukraine Region in addition to an European Mammal Assessment’s map [11], ii) decreasing its natural habitats during the last 80 years due to serious fragmentation of wood-and-shrub habitats and respective green corridors, and because of other human pressures, and possibly climate change. (The example is a final step before GLM, and which can tell more about probable dependence of the species habitats on forthcoming climate change). GLM scenario demonstrated habitats erosion and ‘decreasing locally’ trend of the species by 2050. (May be local official statistics – see diagram – is not correct). RS-, GIS- and other sources were used for modelling. 1) Felis sylvestris/EEBIO GIS (ULRMC, 2006). 2) Felis sylvestris/EcoProfile v.2.0 (MNP, 2008). 3) Map of the USSR European Part Vegetation, M1:4.000.000, drawn up by Prof. J.Kuznetsov (1928) – Rus. The map was granted by the Vernadsky National Library (Kyiv) – vectorization made by V.Prydatko, A.Ischuk, Y.Apetova, A.Kalynychenko (ULRMC). 4) Forest Game Birds and Animals/USSR Forest Atlas [1973] – Rus, granted to the EEBIO Project by the Vernadsky National Library (Kyiv), vectorization by V.Prydatko et al. (ULRMC). 5) BioDAT (1980s) – Rus., developer – A. Puzachenko – <www.biodat.ru/db/areal>. 6) Vegetation of European Part of the USSR: Analytical Maps I-IX (Attachments)/Vegetation of European Part of the USSR. S.P., Nauka, 1980.—429 pp, Rus.. 7) Ukraine Forest in 1990s based on Landsat Data (ULRMC, 2005). 8) Ukraine Forest in 2000s based on Landsat Data (ULRMC, 2005). 12) Felis sylvestris/Red Data Book of Ukraine (1994) – Ukr. 9) Felis sylvestris/IUCN…2007. 10) Digital Ukraine 1:500.000 (ДП-МЦЕК-МНС , 2001). 11) Kapos V. et al. Forest biodiversity indicators. UNEP-WCMC, 2001. 12) IUCN 2007. Lynx lynx. In: IUCN 2007. European Mammal Assessment http://ec.europa.eu/environment/nature/conservation/species/ema/. Downloaded on 11 May 2007. 13) Main Forested Ukraine Protected Areas (2006) – the GIG data was granted to ULRMC by the State Service of Protected Areas of Ukraine. 14) Statistics Bulletin. About Protected Areas Fund of Ukraine in 2002 (the form #1-zapovidnyk). Kyiv: SSCU, 2003.- 171 p. Felix sylvestris/Red Data Book/ Black Sea Environmental Internet Node – http://www.grid.unep.ch/bsein/index.html?%20Black%20Sea%20Environmental%20Internet%20Node . Last update – June 1999. . EP support


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