Numenius tenuirostris Vieillot, 1817 is globally threatened species, then – rare migratory species in GLOBIO Ukraine Region, which is included to the Red Data Book of Ukraine (1994). In 2005 the EEBIO group compared different published data on species distribution in EEBIO region in an one map – That map reflected key data based on: i) USSR Forests (1973); ii) Ukraine Red Data Book (1994) – in Ukrainian – iii) BioDAT – in Russian – – prepared by V.Vynogradov; iv)Key Bird Areas in European Russia (2000) – in Russian; v) Birds of Europe (1999); vi) Key Bird Areas in European Russia (2000) – Rus., and vii) personal information (Dr. M.Zhmud, Dr.J.Chernicko). That integrated map demonstrated serious changes of species habitats – contrary to the 1980s. The year of 1960 it was noticed on the Northern&Southern Ukraine and after 1960 – in the Southern only; in spring of 1975 it was noted 48 ind. in the Crimea region (the Red Data Book, 1994). In 1985-96 in Ukrainian part of the Danube Delta it was met on 20.X.85, 18.VIII.84, 17.IX.96, 16.X.96 (M.Zmud, pers. inf.) New GLM scenario took into account information about nesting area of the species only i.e. source ‘Key Bird Areas in European Russia (2000)’. The model showed predictable increasing of nesting habitats of the specie in Russia by 2050, and that can enlarge number of bird-watch causes in the Sothern Ukraine until 2050 because of climate change. GIS Map authors: V.Prydatko (ULRMC), G.Kolomytsev (IZ NASU). GLM Scenario authors: V.Prydatko, G.Kolomytsev, V.Makarenko and O.Petrochenko (ULRMC) Last update: July 2, 2008.


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