Ukraine Nature-Agricultural zoning

(Ukraine natural zoning, nature zones of Ukraine, agriculture zones)
Nature-Agricultural zoning of Ukraine
Northern part of Ukraine is a forest zone (Polissia), predominated with pine and oak trees. Forest-steppe zone, which is just south of the forest one and is more capable of sustaining agriculture. Steppe zone is situated in southern and eastern Ukraine. This zone is the most suitable for intensive agriculture. It is obvious that land use intensity and principles are unique for each zone. View Ukraine native zones map (new tab). There are different borders shown on maps within different sources. However, these potential uncertainties are insignificant on country scale.

Polissya_ua Download Polissia zone map in Google Earth format (compressed to zip): polissya_ua

Forest-steppe_uaDownload Forest-Steppe zone map in Google Earth format (compressed to zip): forest-steppe_ua

Steppes_uaDownload Steppe zone map in Google Earth format (compressed to zip): steppe_ua
Note: updated and detailed steppes map was used by BioModel to identify Great Bustard (Otis tarda) habitats.

Digital map source:, Nature-Agricultural Zoning, and which is based on ‘Ukraine: Educational Atlas. Kyiv: ГУГКК, 1998, p. 82’, Ukr.