Expert group meeting in Leipzig, Germany

Expert group meeting in Leipzig, October 2016

BioModel representative – Grygoriy Kolomytsev – were selected as member of IPBES Deliverable 3(c) core team to participate the follow-up work following the completion of this assessment and continue through 2017 and possibly beyond. One of the tasks of this expert group is to establish an ‘evolving guide’ on scenarios and models.

IPBES – The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services is the intergovernmental body which assesses the state of biodiversity and of the ecosystem services it provides to society, in response to requests from decision makers.

During 2014-2015 years 89 IPBES experts elaborated ‘Deliverable 3(c): Policy support tools and methodologies for scenario analysis and modelling of biodiversity and ecosystem services based on a fast track assessment and a guide’ and presented final report in 2016.

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