Thanks to support of Carlsberg Ukraine, the member of BioModel team – Vasyl Prydatko-Dolin -presented his oil, watercolor and other graphics in Lvivarnya Art Environment, Lviv, on October 31, 2017. The exposition includes 40 paintings and 5 posters and covers geographically huge area from Arctic to Antarctic as well as Ukraine. The scientific graphics, which Vasyl calls ‘informative art’ include a BioModel’s poster of 2015 with examples of different indicators and indices, which can help environmentalists to measure biodiversity better. It was created by Vasyl together with his students. The author’s introduction poster includes also a collage of rare thematic maps, which Vasyl helped to develop in 2015-2016 for Chapter 7 of  ‘The Methodological Assessment Report On Scenarios And Models Of Biodiversity And Ecosystem Services’, together with IPBES experts. The exhibition ‘Impressions of Expedition Artist’ will last in Lvivarnya Gallery till December 10, 2017. More details about the artist …

BioModel poster as a part of art exposition in Lviv

Main poster of the Exhibition

Biomodel's poster in 'Lvivarnya', Lviv

In the Lvivarnya Gallery