MSA is in Syllabys on Terrestrial Ecology

MSA is in Syllabus of the subject ‘Terrestrial Ecology and Biological Monitoring Method’ – for the National Agricultural University (Kyiv, Ukraine). This semester students of NAU started study of Landscape Ecology subject with new elements i.e. pressure-based biodiversity modelling. For the purpose they use modern NAU-LRMC-MNP publication ‘LANDSCAPE ECOLOGY – Read more…

MSA is in a NAU Syllabus (Kyiv)

March 20-25, 2008: the Methodological Council of the Agrosphere Ecology and Ecological Control Department of the National Agricultural University (Kyiv) approved publication of new syllabus ‘Geographic Informational Technologies and Ecological Indications’ for biotechologiests. Several themes of it (##9,10,11 and 12) are about BIODIVERSITY modelling approaches i.e. GLOBIO and MSA specially!