Betula sp.(7 species),GLM

BioModel finished modelling of predicted natural habitat changes for all 7 regional birch species (Betula sp. – B.pendula, B.microlepis, B.pubescens, B.humilis*, B.klokovii*, B.obscura*, B. borysthenica*), 4 species of which (*) are in the Red Data Book of Ukraine (1996). More details –

Species-climate-change movie an example

The example #1: White Headed Duck. Authors: V.Prydatko, G.Kolomytsev (ULRMC). BioModel.2007 – The model is published with the assistance of ULRMC, funded by ‘Projection of Species- and Species-Climate Based Models on to the GLOBIO Ukraine Region, and Scenarios Development’ Project according to the Contract Е/555050/01/МО (2006) between The Netherlands Read more…