K_passBioModel administrates ArcArt web-page as a contribution to its cultural activity mission. ArcArt is the author’s web about Arctic regions with warm feelings! Poems, songs, prose, painting (sketches, water color, ink, pencil, oil), rare documentary and art photos (TBD) – an integral part of what only looks like ‘white silence’. The core set of the web is the author’s ArcArt mainly related to the East Arctic Regions (Wrangel [Vrangel] and Herald [Gerald] Islands) and researches on its history and nature philosophy. It was expected that some GIS data about nature of the islands would be published soon at the ArcArt-web. This combination (GIS and art) looks unusual, at first sight, but it has help to illustrate a poems about Arctic (Wrangel Island) by a respective rare map (see upper, more details).


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