MSA & LCCD:New Local Research Results Near Kyiv

From the students’ desk (bachelor’s research announcement): Gryb O. (2010). Development of Landscape Ecological Profile of the manufacturing enterprise Velykosnytynske [near Kyiv] With Usage of Modern Indicators and Indices (LССD, MSA, etc.) The Bachelor’s Work for the specialty 6.070800 ‘Ecology and the Environmental Conservation’. Kyiv: NUBLS, 2010: 68. Resume (TBD, Read more…

Final MSA map is calculated

Final Mean Species Abundance map of the remaining biodiversity in Ukraine (2000): Mean MSA value – 32.4% (0,324407296).Revised methodology was applied (by GIS modular with combined LU classes application; Final map image looks very similar to Landuse MSA. Obviously landuse is the dominant pressure causing the biodiversity loss process.