Ukraine LCCD (LCCD_bio) map with MSA color scheme (green-yellow-red):
Ukraine MSA map:
Comparison by mean value per oblasts of Ukraine:
(water bodies excluded from the calculation)
MSA-LCCD comparison (Adobe flash) open in new window
LCCD_bio is the Land Cover Classes Density index. It is the part of “AREAS OF HIGH DIVERSITY WITH THREATENED SPECIES” index.
(LCCD description: )
LCCD-index approach history for biodiversity modelling in Ukraine:
1. Prydatko V. The example of usage of the land cover classification density map based on Terra MODIS (2002) for the biodiversity modeling with usage of the field survey data \Annex 2\\ Agrobiodiversity of Ukraine: Theory, Methodology, Indicators, Examples. Book 2. Kyiv: ‘Nichlava’. 2005. – 590 p. (In Ukrainian). – .
2. Prydatko V. at al. Areas of high diversity with threatened species//BINU Ukraine Project Extract: National ‘State of Ecosystem’ Report (Agrobiodiversity), National Report on Project Experience, Guidelines for Indicator Development and Use, and IFS Examples//Агробіорізноманіття України: теорія, методологія, індикатори, приклади. Книга 2. Київ: ЗАТ «Нічлава», 2005.- C.576-579. >
3. Бурда Р.І. Порівняльний аналіз локальних фітобіот в оціні агробіорізноманітності// Агробіорізноманіття України: теорія, методологія, індикатори, приклади. Книга 2. —Київ: ЗАТ “Нічлава”. 2005.—С.165-194.
4. Prydatko V. I., Burda R.I. Practical experience on development and usage of the geodatabase on adventive plant species in the ‘GIS-Agrobio’/6th Scientific Theoretical Conference of Ukraine Scientific Herbologiest Society “Plant-weeds and effective systems for protectin of crops”. Kyiv, 2008.- printing. (In Ukrainian).


Vasyl Prydatko · Monday February 18th, 2008 at 01:21 PM

Let’s try to overlap the poster with draft training movie – It is fantastical new approaches useful for future distant training based on the training package, and that will be published ASAP. p.s. There is a need also to delete that black background noise (i.e. RDB species points).

Grigoriy Kolomytsev · Monday February 18th, 2008 at 01:42 PM

Unfortunately nowadays we can publish this movie in Internet or CD only, but not as an illustration of the textbook. On other hand, this is advantage: e-illustration suppose to be interactive. I will try to make the manual transparency switching mode (with scrolling) ASAP and to edit the background.

Grigoriy Kolomytsev · Tuesday February 19th, 2008 at 01:04 PM

Updated training movie is available

Admin · Saturday May 9th, 2009 at 09:07 AM

LCCD-index is a national approach that has extensive research base.

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